The Boardwalk
Away from the frenzied bustle of activities in the city is a quiet stretch of wooden boardwalk along the waterfront. It is relatively void of activity in the heat of the day as people seek shelter in the comfort of air-conditioned cafes and restaurants. As the evening sets in and the cool sea breeze washes inland, it is the perfect place to stroll and watch the sun set in the horizon. Fishing boats drift lazily by as they return from a day out at sea or whiz by carrying day-trippers from the islands back to the city.

Three kiosks are strategically located along the boardwalk offering refreshingly cool drinks and local specialties to snack on as you decide which of the many eateries to have dinner at. Pubs and cafes with live bands or deejays spinning tunes from golden oldies to modern day beats start to fill the air. If you need to add more energy to your night out, karaoke bars and a dance club beckon you inside to test your vocal and dancing skills.